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Reply AZ
6:19 PM on April 17, 2017 
Dear Derek,

I wish you a Happy Easter,

I have a question please .

What is the origin of the number 40 nights / 40 days / 40 years ...etc ... is it astronomical , is it related to Venus ? or is it pure numerical ...i.e 360 / 9 = 40 , since 9 is the highest we can go? or it is completely something else ? .

As I am sure you might well know , this number 40 shows up in all holy books , and in ancient texts.

Looking forward for your kind reply

Reply pyhton
9:04 AM on February 4, 2017 
Good day to you AZ

I express thanks to you with regard to the thoughtful words, they are much appreciated. Generally people {not you of course} do not apprehend the mathematical, dominant, properties of the number 3

Looking at the 576 it is obvious that 5 + 7 + 6 = 18, likewise Gematria: Mary: 192 x 3 = 576, in addition to 1 + 9 + 2 = 12
The British Admiralty {Or as I dub it ?Sea?} mile of 6080 is 192 x 31.666, hence 576 is 31.666, x 18.1894736842105263157

At this time we espy a cyclic: 894736842105263157 within the digits that contains 684 this is 6080 ÷ 8.888 that multiplied 9 = 80 etc, etc

Yet we also espy within the cyclic 894736842105263157 the ?number? 210562 hinting at the Greek cubit of 1.52064, hence 18.1894736842105263157 x 1.52064 x 1881 = 52027.785216

There is no end to the interconnections in view of the fact that the 52027.785216 is 51321.6 longer Greek feet of 1.01376 the 1881 is the Metonic cycle: 19 x 99

Merely to finish here given that the options are numerous, the 51321.6 for example, is 3168 x 16.2

Reply AZ
4:33 PM on January 31, 2017 
Dear Derek,

Thank you for your detailed reply.

Eliphas Levi, Kabbalist and freemason said: who ever discovers the secret of uniting the pentagram and hexagram is half way solving the mystery

To my understanding that uniting the pentagram and the hexagram we end up with the star of Bethlehem ( it is a symbolic name and not true star ) .... and I thought you might have done some work on that subject, and this is why I asked about 576.

Noah ark was 300 x 50 x 30 = 450000 = 45

25920 / 45 = 576

3168 - 2592 = 576 25920 = 2592

3168 + 2592 = 5760 = 576

360 + 216 ( Plato said the highest you need to go ) = 576

Plus ..others ...and others ...will get you to 576 ... so I thought that number must be important

Thank you for the book names you sent me .

I consider Schwaller de Lubicz to be the Pythagoras of the 20th century, while John Michell to be Plato ! The four of them had a big impact on my studies over the past 30 years .

Harry Sivertsen book looks very interesting , I have found three other books he wrote which also looks good . Thank you for bringing his books to my attention ... since I never heard of him before .

I live in London , and would be very pleased to meet you if you ever visit London in the future . You have my email ..

Wish you all the best
Reply pyhton
11:26 AM on January 30, 2017 
Dear AZ

It is pleasing to hear from you once more furthermore I am feeling well and thank you for enquiring
Certainly I remember the thoughtful words you wrote previously moreover I am pleased that you find my work of interest.

As regards the writing of a book this is not likely, I prefer to write in my website to allow the reader to decide whether I am correct or incorrect without the cost of purchasing a book. In addition to the amount of data I have written would be easier said than done to be incorporated into a clear, easy to understand book

As regards the Star of Bethlehem there are numerous websites providing information in addition to a mathematical answer, perhaps this link may assist you:

As regards the mention of 576 degrees the ancient Hebrew practice of Gematria awarded names, titles, phrases etc to numbers. The Gematria value: 576 is Eagle, Pneuma {Breath} and Gematria: Jesus Christ is 2368, then 2368 ÷ 576 = 4.111...
Gematria: Lord Jesus Christ: 3168 ÷ 4.111...= 770.594...the Numerical Canon distance from Earth to Moon is 237600 miles, in that case 237600 ÷ 770.594...= 308.333

Return to commencement: 576 ÷ 308.333...= 1.86810...the Earth Numerical Canon mean circumference is 24883.2 miles then 24883.2 ÷ 1.86810... = 13320. Merely to finish at this point in view of the fact that the options are numerous, this 13320 for example is: 15 x 888 Gematria: Jesus

Accordingly AZ there are numerous such routes to follow, none are coincidental otherwise no more than number manipulation, and there is a definite reason with reference to the interconnections

Here are links to an article of mine in PDF form within the Earth Matrix website
Great Pyramid Repository of Knowledge, (PDF 170 KB)
from : Derek A. Skhane

Additional books to recommend are:
The Temple in Man... by R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz

Measurements of the Gods... by Harry Sivertsen and Stephen Redman
{Harry is a good friend and colleague of mine}

I wish you good fortune AZ with your research, my variety of calculations are fundamentally based on the reality that all number is interconnected, hence I explore various dissimilar avenues moreover established all to be connected

Reply AZ
4:38 AM on January 30, 2017 
Dear Derek,

Correction to my previous ... I meant to say any other Books is addition to what have been mentioned in the Appendix

Reply AZ
4:26 AM on January 30, 2017 
Dear Derek ,

I hope you are keeping well,

Three years ago I sent you an email saying how grateful I am for the information you have provided us .

Please can I ask the same question again , if you have any intention to write a book with this much appreciated knowledge .

My second question , please have you done any work on Bethlehem star . I have read few articles on the web mentioning that star was based on combining the 5 & 6 stars and it is of 576 degree ... please can you advice of your opinion .

My third and final question , please can you suggest few books that I can read , which explain more about this method of calculation you are using .

Once again thank you for this great work.

Reply pyhton
9:09 AM on March 23, 2015 
Welcome Steven moreover I thank you regarding the thoughtful words they are much appreciated. To locate an actual photograph, picture or whatever with reference to the actual clay tablet concerning the Nineveh Constant is somewhat easier said than done; perhaps the following link may assist


{A moment ago , prior to posting my reply, I noticed the entire the link will not install in one entire ?sentence?, accordingly please copy and rearrange all the letters etc, given that the: 3-9th-ray.html ought to be included in the link, not below as it appears here}

On the subject of a base 60 the simple rationale is to indicate that practically all number is divisible by 3, in particular the units of measure whether they are units of time, area, distance etc such as: 86400, 43560, 46656, and 5280 etc

123 is 3 x 41
234 is 3 x 78
345 is 3 x 115
456 is 3 x 152

And so forth

Reply steven a g s t c sitten-reich
10:15 AM on March 21, 2015 
Where can I go to see the original tablet with the Nineveh Constant 195,955,200,000,000? Can you send me a clear picture of the original along with the key to interpreting a base 60 #?

By the way, this essay is awesome and, if true, is of pivotal importance.
Reply pyhton
9:48 AM on December 24, 2014 
Dear AZ

Initially I thank you with reference to the pleasant comments they are much appreciated, secondly I?m afraid to say that publication of a book is, at the present time, not attainable. I do truthfully appreciate your ?problem when reading from computer screen? similarly I would rather hold a book to read than read from a computer screen, my apologies if this is not the response you sought after

In appreciation

Reply AZ
4:02 AM on December 24, 2014 
Dear Derek,

Thank you for your excellent work.

Any chance publishing the information in a book , since I have problem when reading from computer screen, and it will be much cheaper for me to buy your book rather then printing the pages from your website.